Don’t Overlook Airport Parking Costs When Budgeting For Your Holiday

As you sit down to plan your holiday, you make a budget for airfare, accommodations, meals, attractions, you even set aside a few pounds for those over-priced tourist souvenirs. The one think many people forget to budget for is Car Parking at UK Airports.

Anyone who has not flown recently, or who never parked at an airport parking lot is in for a shock. While it seems like parking would not cost much, considering your car is outside and requires no services, it does cost more than at more other airports worldwide.

Unless a person uses a comparison search engine and books Car Parking at UK Airports online, in advance of their trip, the cost is likely to be an unpleasant surprise. Space at Heathrow or Gatwick is incredibly expensive when people do not pre-book online; paying the headline price when arriving at the airport is going to take a large chunk of holiday money. This money could have gone for a room upgrade, a massage, or a dinner at a fabulous restaurant while on holiday.

People without the Internet, whom cannot comparison shop online and book Car Parking at UK Airports in advance, end up paying the highest prices. It is not fair, but it is just like shopping for anything else. The lowest prices are offered to the Internet-savvy consumers and the rest of the public makes up for it by paying the highest rates.

The Internet also lets people select hotels with parking. For anyone with an early morning flight, this is a great option. Just arrive at the hotel the night before your flight, park, and come back after your holiday and pick up your car. It’s much less stressful and your early morning flight gives you more time at your holiday destination, letting you catch some afternoon sun on your first day.

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