Solo Traveling Tips | During The Trip

Solo Traveling Tips | During The TripAvoid bored: To avoid getting bored during the time when you are alone, it is advisable to carry a great read, and listen to good music at any time. And if your mobile device has games, videos and Internet Better yet!

Share your trip. Write a diary!: Although you’ll be alone, do not forget to share good and bad times. Keep a travel journal, record your experiences. We recommend you do it online, in our Daily Travel section.

For safety, contact yours: You can also share your travel, live and direct, if you carry any cellular device roaming. If you do not bring a device with roaming, it’s still important that you contact regularly with your family, partner or friends, to detail your exact location and your short-term plans. Thus, for any emergency, could follow your steps and facilitate your location.

Watch your belongings: Find out if the hotel where you stay there safe or lockers. Do not leave your values ​​at the hotel room. You can take them with you or hide the money in your personal effects (in an empty bottle, for example).

Be responsible: When traveling alone, traveling all bear responsibility for yourself. Assume a responsible adult and if you want to make it safely to the end of your trip. We advise you not to drink more on outputs, not try drugs, and drive carefully. Do not cause disturbances, or take unnecessary risks.

Take care of yourself, because nobody else will. Think of the things you would need and stock up accordingly. If you think heat will take along a bottle of water. If you do an excursion, make sure you bring everything you’ll need (sunscreen, coat, hat, a remedy in case you need it). And above all, eat well while traveling and stay hydrated. The worst that could happen is to catch an illness.

Be open, make friends. Being friendly and socialize with other lets you meet new people, enrich your experience and ask for help if you need it. Probably easier you socialize with fellow travelers who are traveling in the same situation. Once you’ve met new people, you can share with them out at night, a day at the beach, tours, and even a few days of your trip. And why not … They might share some expenses. A good opportunity to meet people is by joining a guided tour or with a tour group. You can also meet new people before you travel. In Viajeros.com visit the forum Let us journey together where fellow travelers can convene to share together the trip you’re planning.