Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Here we share some travel tips. Check it out!

1) Check if you need a passport, identity card or visa to travel to your destination.
2) Verify that the identity documents are in place and have 6 months validity. Bring all documentation required by the destination to visit. Aim to have personal documents properly protected and carry a photocopy as it can be useful in case of loss.
3) If you are traveling with children abroad, should be authorized travel attorney, duly signed by the father and the mother.
4) Learn about the need or requirement to get vaccines to travel to your destination.
5) Bring a small backpack or handbag with basic to spend the first days of travel in case the airline lost our luggage. This includes hiking boots in case the trip a obejtivo the trekking route.
6) Check that electronic tickets issued have our name as it appears on your passport or ID card.
7) is useful to have some local currency for emergencies.

8) Report of the route to follow and contact phone numbers to a family member or someone you trust before you leave.
9) If you travel to countries with large time difference must be prepared to suffer the “jet lag” (jet lag), as our biological clock will continue to operate according to custom. The best advice is to try to accustom the body as soon as possible to schedule destination even if you are exhausted.
10) For international flights, show up at the airport at the recommended time (usually 2 to 3 hours before) to avoid running the risk of missing your flight, to check in quietly and be eligible for best seating options. Try also carry the weight limit for each airline especially in countries with excess baggage restrictions can be severe as Australia or New Zealand.
11) Make sure that your luggage and clothing are appropriate to local conditions you visit as well as sensitivity to local cultures and may have certain areas. For example, to go on safari or trekking is advisable to carry travel bags or backpacks soft and hard luggage.
12) Some tips to stay healthy in some less developed countries are:
Wash hands frequently, especially before meals.
– Always ask for bottled or boiled water for drinking.
– Avoid eating food sold on the street.
– Opt for cooked foods and vegetables/fruits containing shell.
– In areas where mosquitoes are present, properly protected with repellent.
– Include in hand luggage a kit of basic elements.
– If you take medications regularly, do not forget to bring enough.
– Always wear sunscreen and sunglasses.
– If you have visited an area of ​​risk and discomfort felt back home.