Tips for Adventure Trip

Tips for Adventure TripAdventure tourism has become fashionable. Ideal for sports enthusiasts and tourists risk. Some call sports tourism, adventure tourism and other tourism adrenaline. In this type of tourism activities take place in the midst of nature, such as trekking, rafting, hiking, biking, boating sailing, kayaking, surfing sea and mountain, safari, climbing ballooning and other activities.

Here we show you some tips for adventure travel:

– Hiring specialized services. There are many companies, so inquire about the itinerary and price in a travel agency is a very good idea.
– We must respect the rules and orders of our guide.
– Wear comfortable, lightweight clothing. The cold and rain are two elements that must be taken into account depending on country and region you visit.
– Footwear is important. Each sport uses a type of shoe, as the case of safari that you should bring used trekking boots, sports shoes or nautical.
– Do not carry heavy backpacks or bags.
– Vaccines. If we make a trip to an exotic country, follow the advice of the World Health Organization. Agencies often have information.
– Prepare a special kit. This kit should not miss:
*Analgesics, antidiarrheals, antihistamines.
*Betadine, bandages, plasters.
*Insect repellents.
– Advisable to drink fluids and fruits in quantity, but with guarantees.
– Avoid large meals and drinking alcohol or drugs.