Curiosities of Dubai

Thinking of Dubai, we immediately come to mind related images luxury and distinction, and probably some other Arab sheik enjoying their holiday. It is true that this is a country where the premium high-end tourism, for executives, entrepreneurs or royalty of the area of the UAE. But slowly is shedding that label and a little closer to opening other profiles.
Curiosities of Dubai
The hotels in Dubai are a luxury and a display of originality. It is no exaggeration to say that this is probably the most daring buildings that exist now in the world, at least related to tourism, of course. To date, Dubai has the highest around the world, the Burj Khalifa building called and the largest shopping mall, Dubai Mall. But that’s not all: Also worth seeing are hotels like the Burj Al Arab, a hotel that is on a platform over the sea … and has the exclusive seven-star category.
Burj Al Arab Hotel
“A big” would, therefore, the term that best fits with Dubai and everything around him. Clearly, despite the fact that prices have begun to establish a little more affordable, there is no doubt that we travel to this country will be a significant financial outlay. But if we look like unique works such as those quoted above, it is worth saving and scratching his pocket. The quoted above are only some examples of the many unique places that you can visit.

Another example of the importance of the projects in Dubai’s large-scale recreation of artificial islands that aim to bring together all the world’s geography on its surface, something like a large scale model of our planet. Are the World Islands, and can be visited by means of sea transport or air … but only for a space of fifteen minutes.