The Artificial Island of Green Island in Kuwait

The artificial island of Green Island in Kuwait

Green Island, also known as Green Island, is a great destination for tourists who want to enjoy a bit of calm and relaxation in the capital of Kuwait. When this place is from above is that is why it is called by that name, and it is an unnatural construction, which has a round and one side has several groups of trees that make it look green.

This island is off the promenade of the city of Kuwait, which has an area of ​​just over twenty miles long across the coastline from the Al-Ras Shiwaikh to Alard, as if outside in the Tues The whole site covers an area of ​​almost eight hundred square meters, having a diameter of over three thousand meters and is connected to the city for a ride that is 134 meters long.

Green Island was inaugurated in 1988 and was made from an artificial way to extend the land of the city and surround it with natural rocks were brought from Al-Fujairah Emirate, which are fortified with buckets which were made of concrete . This place, which even has artificial beaches, they come every year millions of visitors, particularly on weekends.

In the east, visitors can enjoy a pool that is made with seawater, so that its height and the waves is dependent on the day, but never exceeds three meters deep. On both sides of Green Island there are restaurants serving local and international dishes, as well as other attractions like a theatre where concerts and plays are plays, and a tower 35 meters high from where you can have a good view of the city.

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