Kuwait: A Modern City in The Middle East

 Kuwait a modern city in the Middle East

Due to the large number of political, social and ethnic backgrounds that affected and affect the Middle East region, many people have no regard to their cities as tourist destinations. However, there is a significant number of countries with similar structures can be found anywhere in Europe, specially made to receive foreign visitors.

A clear example of what emerged is Kuwait, a small kingdom located in the Persian Gulf, bordering Saudi Arabia and Iran and its coast facing the sea. The first inhabitants settled around 700 BC, although it was the Greeks during the tenth century BC those who gave the site a major cultural flow. Over time different people ruled the place until 1961 became the first country to declare independence.

Due to having one of the largest oil reserves in the world the country has an endless wealth, a situation which transmits it to its people through excellent services at minimum prices, so the people of Kuwait have a high standard of living and purchasing power.

Kuwait has a large number of tourist attractions including the Port of Doha, where old ships are stranded you can tour with a guide, as well as modern buildings. It is also of great interest Towers that are in the city such as The Liberation of 372 meters and Kuwait.

However, the main activity to do in Kuwait City, the capital and the place where 90 percent of the population, are shopping. Unlike other sites in the region where industry’s traditional markets, called souks, in Kuwait the modernisation and westernisation have transformed buying patterns of the villagers from the souks to large shopping centers.

In these malls you can find the same stores anywhere in Europe or America, at similar prices. In the city are a lot of shopping centers, but the best are Al Mohalab, Al Mutaheda, Al Bustan, Al Fanar, Muthanna Mall, Kuwait Magic, Al Rehaz, among some others.

For those who prefer to penetrate into the traditional culture of the Arab world, there are a few souks on the outskirts of the city to go and haggle.

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