The Historic Ranches in Patagonia

 The historic ranches in Patagonia

The central steppe of Patagonia, a region that extends through Argentina and Chile in the southern border of the cone moves east for thousands of miles from the foot of the Andes.

Patagonia nights are bright and full of shooting stars. The night here is so clear you can see the Southern Cross, a constellation visible only in the southern hemisphere. In Patagonia there is a large and vast emptiness.

The vegetation is sparse due to the climate so hostile, but that dot the steppe stays are a thing of the past in Patagonia. These were built by missionaries during the conquest to evangelise the last edge of the new continent.


However, the growing wool trade in the region ended with the explosion of Mount Hudson, killing tens of thousands of cattle.

Since then, stays in Patagonia opened its doors, offering a stay in the ancient buildings. Telken Estancia is a ranch located in the middle of 21 hectares of floodplain. Covered with gardens of lavender and poplars, the house is covered by wooden walls, linoleum floor and has an oven that runs on wood.

Among the activities to be done in Patagonia is riding with the gauchos, who guide visitors through a landscape with lagoons and colorful landscapes. You also have the opportunity to meet the guanacos, wild relatives of llamas.

If you have the opportunity to visit the Cueva de las Manos, who has paintings in more than 10 thousand years.

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