The Glamorous French Riviera

The glamorous French Riviera

Where did he born the phrase “What elegance of France”? If we were to find the birthplace of the distinctive phrase, surely it awarded to the French Riviera. This privileged area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea with its famous cities like Monte Carlo, Nice, Provence and Cannes France is the most glamorous destination of every country, rich and not all millionaires in the world choose it for summer.

The Costa Azul is one destination that seems to be two because they offered sea and mountains. The Mediterranean simulates the best set design for this place full of peninsulas, luxury resorts and towns along the forty miles of the Riviera. The spa is more romantic Provence while the more glamorous is undoubtedly Montecarlo. Nice has calmer waters, swimming there is a pleasure to the gods. In either city water activities can either sit and enjoy the best dishes of French cuisine with the best view of the world.

Luckily, for those who hate the sand and sea, can tour the Alpes d’Azur. A set of medium and high mountains, ideal for lovers of mountaineering. You can visit on foot or horseback enjoying all that nature offers us very near the headquarters of one of the most renowned film festivals in the world, Cannes. Want more adventure? Well, among the clear waters and streams can go rafting and swimming in living water.

What more can we ask the French Riviera plus all the French charm and elegance inherent to the foot of the Mediterranean?

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