Monterrey: An Industrial City

Monterrey, an industrial city

Located in northeastern Mexico, Monterrey is the third largest city in the country. Is a relatively young city, with no more than 200 years, but has made great strides in the industry, highlighting the steel industry. Surrounded by mountains, and the Cerro de la Silla at the back of the city, the countryside surrounding this city is shocking.

The weather in Monterey is inclement, arriving in the summer to over 45 º C and in winter reaches temperatures below 0 degrees, with a capricious weather throughout the year, to the extent that the town motto is “if you do not like weather returns in 15 minutes. ” It is best to visit the city in October, which is the period in which the city maintains a temperate climate.

Among the many things to see is the Marco Museum. With a unique architecture and design, this museum hosts temporary exhibitions of international importance. Although its exhibits are not permanent, always has something interesting to offer.

Marco Museum

The Foundry Park is another place to visit. As its name implies, the area where the park is located was formerly a foundry industry. After rapid growth, the industry moved to the outskirts of the city. In the center of the park can still see one of the ovens, and along the park you can see decorations made with casting equipment. Even the premises of the exhibition rooms were once the industry offices.

Close to the smelter is the Paseo Santa Lucia, a 2.5 km road that runs along an artificial river. The municipal government used many resources to complete this work which was inaugurated in 2005. If you are up and if your budget allows, you can take a ride in one of the boats.

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