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Veiled and spices ZanzibarWhen we began a journey our expectations, goals and motives are different. You might get on a plane halfway around the world to meet someone just because you’re special or a soul hungry for knowledge in search of the mysteries locked by history, or perhaps you’re a traveller overwhelmed by the stress of the office want to hide in an island paradise. Whatever your reason, to reach a new destination is the beginning of new experiences.

And what better place even if they step on your feet keeps outsiders in every corner and in every particle of oxygen myths and legends that refuse to be forgotten, and that, conversely, every day more are recorded in the minds of who absorbed, we can not find answers?

To celebrate the secrets and mystery of the most exotic and enigmatic of the world’s famous traveller and inevitable Lonely Planet guide published this year a top ten of the best exponents of this fantasy world and secrecy. You come with me part of the myth?

Veiled and spices Zanzibar
Known as the Spice Island is the fantastic Tanzania. An island full of cultural confluence, among which the presence of Persians and Arabs, creating an atmosphere of history out of the Arabian Nights, or creating the impression in some banks to keep a bottle with a genius wrapped in veils.

Also known for its gold and ivory trade increases even more flamboyant and exuberant vision, which can only be linked to a story like that of Ali Baba and 40 thieves.

Seeking The Gold
The famous myth tells of a legendary golden city located in the Colombian Andes. The Spanish and English, blinded by ambition, were killed in the fruitless search even led to Peru, Venezuela and Guyana. Today the myth looms even against the scientific specifications Guatavita around the lagoon, where according to legend, people could take baths with gold.

Land of the Pharaohs: The Valley of the Kings
A necropolis chosen as the resting place of the Pharaohs on the banks of the Nile River that today is recognised as part of the Patrimony of Humanity. The place is full of burial chambers where jewels and gold shine unabated, and where they hover in turn threatening curses fall on anyone who dares to perpetrate these palaces of death, inhabited by mummies scary.

Ys, the city swallowed by the sea
The style of Atlantis, the mythical town of Breton, as it is known, long ago was located on the shores of the coast of Britain before being swallowed by the sea.

Legend has it that a beautiful princess, called Dahut was the worship of his father King Grandlon, who for the immense love she built a city to their liking by the ocean, which was his fascination. The magnanimity of this citadel, impressed the world. However, Princess blackened his soul, becoming the bane of a city that would be later known as places of debauchery, murder and sin. One day a gentleman who introduced him was none other than the devil, who encouraged her to steal a key protected by her father the king to leave open the city gates, which were protected by a massive dam that prevented the entry of Tues What happened next is history. The city was swallowed in one gulp by the ocean. The place she relates the legend is the Bay of Douarnenez, France.

The legend of the Trojan Horse

The legend of the Trojan Horse
A city that is renowned for excellence in the fabulous Greek mythology. Its history, surrounded by the atmosphere romantic, passionate love between Helen and Paris, the struggle for honor and ingenuity to cross walls aboard a giant wooden horse has been told hundreds of times and immortalised in the epic poem Iliad.

Today, the myth continues to seduce the dozens of tourists coming to Turkey in search of answers.

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