The Town of Matmata Galactic

The town of Matmata galactic

It is undeniable that the Arab lands have that gustito to mystery, myth and legend wrapped in magic and fantasy. Arid we surprised by the story that goes enrolled in each of the cracks in floors and spectacular … Mysticism, come together in cities as surprising as Matmata, Tunisia.

Located 35 km south of Gabes, is a city noted for its amazing underground constructions. Legend has it that while the world ruled the Roman Empire, the Egyptian troops sent to invade the territory of Matmata to turn it into a citadel, with permission to kill anyone who stood. The people hid their homes under the parched earth by the sun.

It is said that these caves at night vigilante monsters emerged. They left their underground nest and crept under the protection of the moon serene to dye it red while vented their anger against the invaders, thus safeguarding its people.

The town of Matmata galactic

Fable or history, the truth is that these people chose to remain protected under the Tunisian soil since those attacks until 1967, when the relentless rain forced them to shout loudly that they were sheltered there and needed help. However, although the world knew the secret that was hidden in the bowels of Matmata, few were those who decided to leave the citadel troglodyte.

And not surprisingly, a town of this supernatural appearance after being discovered with wondering eyes could not go unnoticed. So it was that this land was named after cavernosa to become Tatooine, a desert planet, home of the Jawas and Tusken Raider, who along with hundreds of other aliens under its two suns huggers, gave vent to their criminal acts, only pausing to celebrate racing epic starship in the Star Wars blockbuster.

In those days of filming, from now visits various tourists, who attracted not only by the uniqueness of the place come eager and curious to discover one of the key sites of the legendary saga. Today, you can stay at the home of Skywalker, became the DIRIS Sidi hotel. A gift for a legion of fans.

Whether you are part of the followers of galactic culture, you feel invited by the curiosity of walking in the depths, or want to check or make your own version of their legends, Matmata is a place that can not be ignored once discovered.

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