The 15 Countries That Consume More Alcohol

The 15 countries that consume more alcohol

Worldwide, every country has a different link with alcohol. Sometimes it is synonymous with national identity, another is a simple fun and for others it has become detrimental to the health of all its inhabitants.

Recently the World Health Organisation (WHO) published a report on this subject in order to help individual countries to reduce excessive alcohol consumption and avoid health and social consequences. These data are based on average consumption per capita, estimated sales.

  • An important trend: men consume more than women. This may not amaze you too, but there is only one place where this trend was reversed: Ecuador.

Checked the numbers expressed in liters per capita:

15. UK: 13.37
14. France: 13.66
13. Ireland: 14.41
12. Portugal: 14.55
11. South Korea: 14.80
10. Croatia: 15.11
9. Belarus: 15.13
8. Romania: 15.30
7. Andorra: 15.48
6. Estonia: 15.57
5. Ukraine: 15.60
4. Russia: 15.76
3. Hungary: 16.27
2. Czech Republic: 16.45
1. Moldova: 18.22

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