The Glamorous French Riviera

The glamorous French Riviera

Where did he born the phrase “What elegance of France”? If we were to find the birthplace of the distinctive phrase, surely it awarded to the French Riviera. This privileged area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea with its famous cities like Monte Carlo, Nice, Provence and Cannes France is the most glamorous destination of every country, rich and not all millionaires in the world choose it for summer.

The Costa Azul is one destination that seems to be two because they offered sea and mountains. The Mediterranean simulates the best set design for this place full of peninsulas, luxury resorts and towns along the forty miles of the Riviera. The spa is more romantic Provence while the more glamorous is undoubtedly Montecarlo. Nice has calmer waters, swimming there is a pleasure to the gods. In either city water activities can either sit and enjoy the best dishes of French cuisine with the best view of the world.

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Monterrey: An Industrial City

Monterrey, an industrial city

Located in northeastern Mexico, Monterrey is the third largest city in the country. Is a relatively young city, with no more than 200 years, but has made great strides in the industry, highlighting the steel industry. Surrounded by mountains, and the Cerro de la Silla at the back of the city, the countryside surrounding this city is shocking.

The weather in Monterey is inclement, arriving in the summer to over 45 º C and in winter reaches temperatures below 0 degrees, with a capricious weather throughout the year, to the extent that the town motto is “if you do not like weather returns in 15 minutes. ” It is best to visit the city in October, which is the period in which the city maintains a temperate climate.

Among the many things to see is the Marco Museum. With a unique architecture and design, this museum hosts temporary exhibitions of international importance. Although its exhibits are not permanent, always has something interesting to offer.

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Cardiff: A Shopping Paradise

Cardiff a shopping paradise

Lovers of consumerism and compulsive buyers have their place in the world. Cardiff is a shopper’s paradise. Full business and much to discover, the Welsh capital is one of the best destinations for shopping in the UK.

Cardiff has everything to consumerism. From galleries of Victorian to modern facilities where you can find great brands to independent businesses. There are over 25 galleries where you can buy from art, clothing, food and other products. The Welsh call them “The Arcadians” this set of commercial galleries. A little shopping and a story keeps the oldest gallery, the Royal Arcade, the year 1858. The architecture is amazing and the variety of products also surprise us. Queen Street is the shopping street that combines three major shopping malls and magnificent performances by street artists.

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Meteora: The City in The Sky

Meteora the city in the sky

Above the town of Kalambaka, northeast of Thessaly, rock formations are over 400 feet straight out of a science fiction movie. Balanced on the Monasteries 24 pillars are visible through the clouds.

Many geologists and historians have tried to unravel how these stone pedestals were created 60 million years ago, but no theory has been proven. Today, this region is considered historical patrimony by UNESCO, called Meteora, which means “suspended in the air.”

The first people to reach Meteora did in the ninth century. At first climbed the rock formations with their hands clinging to the branches of trees. Thus, early settlers were isolated, gathering only to worship. For a long time the only way things go up and down through the basket was tied to a rope. As time went on people formed small communities that focused on the construction of several monasteries in the fourteenth century served as a refuge from the invading Turks.

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The Sherlock Holmes Museum

The Sherlock Holmes MuseumA few blocks away from Madame Tussauds in London is one of the world’s most famous addresses in literature, specifically the detective genre. Arthur Conan Doyle created Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John H. Watson and so home to 221b Baker Street. That’s where today pays tribute to the legendary detective through the museum that bears his name. Let’s play a while to be him and discover the magnificent Museum of Sherlock Holmes. It is well worth the visit to experience this museum and stay at a hotel in London.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson lived in this Victorian house that is now protected as an architectural and cultural heritage. The museum invites us to explore the life of the famous detective in an environment that has been restored exactly following the descriptions of the stories published.

The first floor is the well-known study, the sets of many films on the publication of Arthur Conan Doyle. Visitors can sit in the chair in front of the researcher’s home, but please do not forget to bring your pipes and get the players to feel perfect pose for a while. In the bedroom, the study continued, we will see all kinds of personal items such as glasses, pipes, hats, violin, chemistry equipment, among others.

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Destinations Myths and Legends

Veiled and spices ZanzibarWhen we began a journey our expectations, goals and motives are different. You might get on a plane halfway around the world to meet someone just because you’re special or a soul hungry for knowledge in search of the mysteries locked by history, or perhaps you’re a traveller overwhelmed by the stress of the office want to hide in an island paradise. Whatever your reason, to reach a new destination is the beginning of new experiences.

And what better place even if they step on your feet keeps outsiders in every corner and in every particle of oxygen myths and legends that refuse to be forgotten, and that, conversely, every day more are recorded in the minds of who absorbed, we can not find answers?

To celebrate the secrets and mystery of the most exotic and enigmatic of the world’s famous traveller and inevitable Lonely Planet guide published this year a top ten of the best exponents of this fantasy world and secrecy. You come with me part of the myth?

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Guadalajara: The Pearl of The West

 Guadalajara, the Pearl of the West

The state capital of Jalisco and the second largest city in Mexico, Guadalajara is a colonial city that has much to offer visitors. Despite being a big city atmosphere is calmer than in Mexico City, mainly because it is more accessible to ordinary tourists.

The extent of Guadalajara is such that it extends to other municipalities that have been with this city conurbation. Thus, Zapopan and Tlaquepaque are municipalities that are in close range of the city.

If you are planning a historic visit will probably spend the whole day in the historic center of town. Here you will see several colonial-era buildings, like the murals of José Clemente Orozco, a painter born in this city and influenced the current muralist in Mexico. In front of the main square you will find the Cathedral of Guadalajara, a building whose construction began in 1560 and took 50 years to finish build. Inside is “The Assumption of the Virgin” by Baroque painter Esteban Murillo.

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The Town of Matmata Galactic

The town of Matmata galactic

It is undeniable that the Arab lands have that gustito to mystery, myth and legend wrapped in magic and fantasy. Arid we surprised by the story that goes enrolled in each of the cracks in floors and spectacular … Mysticism, come together in cities as surprising as Matmata, Tunisia.

Located 35 km south of Gabes, is a city noted for its amazing underground constructions. Legend has it that while the world ruled the Roman Empire, the Egyptian troops sent to invade the territory of Matmata to turn it into a citadel, with permission to kill anyone who stood. The people hid their homes under the parched earth by the sun.

It is said that these caves at night vigilante monsters emerged. They left their underground nest and crept under the protection of the moon serene to dye it red while vented their anger against the invaders, thus safeguarding its people.

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The 15 Countries That Consume More Alcohol

The 15 countries that consume more alcohol

Worldwide, every country has a different link with alcohol. Sometimes it is synonymous with national identity, another is a simple fun and for others it has become detrimental to the health of all its inhabitants.

Recently the World Health Organisation (WHO) published a report on this subject in order to help individual countries to reduce excessive alcohol consumption and avoid health and social consequences. These data are based on average consumption per capita, estimated sales.

  • An important trend: men consume more than women. This may not amaze you too, but there is only one place where this trend was reversed: Ecuador.

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The Historic Ranches in Patagonia

 The historic ranches in Patagonia

The central steppe of Patagonia, a region that extends through Argentina and Chile in the southern border of the cone moves east for thousands of miles from the foot of the Andes.

Patagonia nights are bright and full of shooting stars. The night here is so clear you can see the Southern Cross, a constellation visible only in the southern hemisphere. In Patagonia there is a large and vast emptiness.

The vegetation is sparse due to the climate so hostile, but that dot the steppe stays are a thing of the past in Patagonia. These were built by missionaries during the conquest to evangelise the last edge of the new continent.

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Kuwait Travel Tips

 kuwait travel tips

To travel to Kuwait does not take much, but we simply must follow some good advice that will suit us to enjoy our trip and to avoid any problems with the local police and others. Whenever you go to a country different from ours is good not to attract attention in a prominent, nor the manner of dress, speech, speech and so on, because this does not focus attention on us, something that is not highly recommended. Always be very careful about what we do when we travel to a new and unknown country as Kuwait.

It is very important to follow this recommendation in rural areas, which are those that are less accustomed to tourists. Do not forget that it is interesting to follow local customs, lifestyles and traditions, whenever possible. In this way we discover many aspects of life in Kuwait and we will adapt to your lifestyle while travelling, which is also highly recommended for any tourists wanting to visit Kuwait.

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Kuwait: A Modern City in The Middle East

 Kuwait a modern city in the Middle East

Due to the large number of political, social and ethnic backgrounds that affected and affect the Middle East region, many people have no regard to their cities as tourist destinations. However, there is a significant number of countries with similar structures can be found anywhere in Europe, specially made to receive foreign visitors.

A clear example of what emerged is Kuwait, a small kingdom located in the Persian Gulf, bordering Saudi Arabia and Iran and its coast facing the sea. The first inhabitants settled around 700 BC, although it was the Greeks during the tenth century BC those who gave the site a major cultural flow. Over time different people ruled the place until 1961 became the first country to declare independence.

Due to having one of the largest oil reserves in the world the country has an endless wealth, a situation which transmits it to its people through excellent services at minimum prices, so the people of Kuwait have a high standard of living and purchasing power.

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Madrid Apartment Rentals Are Available In Important Places In The City

Whenever people move from one place to another place for some purpose, they need to face many difficulties. Today food is not a major concern for people since there are several hotels available that can provide good and high quality food. Other important things will be available in nearby places. When a person has to visit more than one place during transit, it is quite a difficult thing to find a best place to stay there. It is so because in some places, a person need to stay for only a night or less than that duration so that they can able to move further for their work. While going so, it is difficult to rent an individual room for the whole day since they will be staying in that place only for some hours and they will be leaving the very next day after they have taken bath. finding such a room is a difficult thing since there will be very less number of rooms available that may provide this kind of benefit for people. When a person is in Madrid, there is no need to worry about rooms for rentals when Madrid apartment rentals are available.

Customization in rentals

In the city of Madrid, there are many places available for visiting. Many people who are coming from various parts of the world use this place as a transit point. In some cases, they need to stay in the city for half a day or during night times. When they have such a short commitment, it is quite difficult for people to make sure that they can go for the room that is of low cost. Even if they do so, they need to move a long distance in order to find such place. For providing assistance for people in this aspect, Madrid apartment rentals are available in many places all round the city. Many of the places are available in some of the strategically important places such as museums shopping centers. When people are tired of their shopping, simply they can step into their new rental house in an apartment that is located very near to the place. for providing their customers more comfort on move, various apartments are identified by them in some important places in the city and they are providing many options for renting them, where finding low cost for rental is very easy.

By visiting the site of Madrid apartment rentals, all information regarding the availability of rooms and their rent can be obtained in a very easy manner. For the ease of customers, booking option is also available through means of online. Hence there is no need to worry about the availability of room at the last minute. Once booking of room has been done, there is no need to think anything. For the intended date and time, rooms will be kept unoccupied. All rooms available with them will be clean and tidy with many facilities present inside them in a fine manner.

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